This tiny cardboard house takes 1 day to build and can last 100 years

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Most people would never think of cardboard as a suitable building material. Believe it or not, its being used for remarkable feats of architectural design. Award winning architects have found a way to use cardboard to produce remarkably sturdy, and reliable shelters. With a multitude of applications such as disaster relief, or easing the burden of a staggering homeless population. Dutch design studio Fiction Factory has come up with a design for a tiny microhome usimg cardboard that they claim can last up to one hundred years.

Called the Wikkelhouse (which translates to “wrapper house”), the home is made out of tough, sturdy corrugated cardboard panels that have been adhered together with a non toxic, environmentally friendly glue.

Heres how it works: The glued layers of cardboard are  wrapped around one of the dwelling’s pre fabricrated modular segments 24 times using a large spindle, resulting in a strong and relatively well-insulated structure.

This 1.2-meter (47 inches) thick, 500-kilogram (1,100 pounds) modules are then combined, and assembled to construct a larger structure, without the need for a permanent foundation. The modular design allows for a wide range of size, an almost infinite number of layout designs, and ease of customization and assembly.

After transporting the modules to the site, assembly is very quick dompared to traditional structures, only taking around one or two days to complete the assembly. In order to keep out the elements, the cardboard is then coated with a waterproof, breathable film called Miotex and finished with an open façade siding system of pine slats. 

According to the company, Wikkelhouses are expected to last for decades, as long as the miotex coating is reapplied at least every thirty years; but the modules can be transported almost anywhere you can imagine to be reused and are mostly recyclable. Adding to its already eco friendly design.

Because of its flexibility in the way it can be assembled, Windows can be added on anywhere. Different areas like kitchen, bathroom and shower are added via “smart home-segments”, while the interiors are finished with plywood panelling for the walls, resulting in a minimalist but natural, rustic, inviting atmosphere.

Each individual module costs approximately USD $4,500, with a completed version of a basic Wikkelhouse expected to cost around USD $80,000. While not entirely cost effective at this point, its still quite a bit cheaper, and more eco friendly than traditional homes. The idea is an intriguing contemporary design for a microhome, it’s a fascinating new way to transform simple cardboard into a durable, multi functional resource for homes.

Wikkelhouse was nominated for an ARC15 Innovation Award last year, and the company is now working on an off-grid, more self sustainable model. Cardboard is such an undervalued material in today’s society. Most people think of it as disposable, and no good for anything other than boxes. A little innovation proves that simply is not the case, and that cardboard is far more valuable than we have realized up to this point.

More over at Wikkelhouse.
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  1. wonder what the insulation factor would be for cold Canadian winters

  2. This is a farce at best. $80,000 USD for a tiny house? The cost per square foot is outrageous compared to typical building materials.

    1. I agree, it should be cheeper, 50/60k may be....I love the design and the concept, it's great....Would love to have one, but not for 80k....

  3. I think it is amazing and innovative. Bravo.

  4. Great idea. As they become more popular the price per square foot will come down. Would love to see some close up. Will you be attending any shows or exhibitions in the UK?

  5. Yeah! I'm sure the homeless can afford THAT!!!

  6. A very attractive and clever building. Congratulations to the designers and engineers.

  7. A very attractive and clever building. Congratulations to the designers and engineers.

  8. Still uses trees. Make the cardboard from hemp. Stronger and infinitely sustainable. Cheaper as well.

  9. Magic GLUE? Hmmmmmmm, toxicity quota please??

  10. ok you go out and buy rolls of cardboard and glue the one piece modular structure together. cost of building that giant modular machine is the issue. just sell me the glue and the sealant. i can fund my own cardboard and my own shape. thanks for the idea.

  11. It doesn't say how windproof it is, I would like to know that. Where is the bathroom?

  12. They should also add solar power and a bathroom, then it'll be worth that price they're trying to get now.

  13. Great in tornadoes and hurricanes?

  14. Lasts 100 years and may not be a common/practical/affordable option for another 100 years, but in 1968 we were introduced to the satellite phone in Star Trek and here we are now 50 years later and they are available, if not common or universally affordable. It's all a matter of patience and perspective. Live for the moment first, then dream of days of future past.

  15. Think it would make for a wonderful houseboat... :)

  16. ... found a typo.............assembly is very quick (( dompared ))

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. The cost is ridiculous. For $80,000 there are places I can buy an existing house in good condition, with 2 bedrooms and a basement. As a matter of fact, I know a few places I can buy two houses for that, move in ready. This is just trendy, and as with anything trendy, it's pricey. I'll pass, thanks.

  19. ha !
    80 grand for a cardboard miniature house.

    depending on location, as the other person posted, you can buy a real house with land for that, and if a modular or mobile home is considered, (which I would equate about the same as a cardboard house) you can buy several acres of land, with well and septic already in and a 5 yr old modular home for less than $80K

    I know of a 3 bedroom 2 bath modular home on an acre, in north Georgia with water and septic on a paved road for sale for $45K

    and for $80K you can get a house made from brick not cardboard, and the land its built on too.

    how can a a cardboard house possibly cost anywhere near $80K?

    you sure y'all didnt accidentally add a zero on the end?

  20. Its a dumb as those tiny house TV shows,

    you can buy a real house for what people pay for a 8x18 flatbed trailer with a fancy toolshed built on it.

  21. It's really a great innovation and discover that cardboard being used for remarkable feats of architectural design. Great intellectual architect design. It seems that windows can be added on anywhere. Thanks for sharing this great informative article. I think this cardboard is very effective and useful to build attractive high quality trailers. Thanks for sharing this article.

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  23. This is awesome! This is what I want. I will talk to my house builder about this. I am so excited.

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  38. This is what i am looking for. I will now talk to our construction materials supplier about this.

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  41. The price is ridiculous for such a small space. Looks neat and trendy though. And we all know anything trendy comes with a price tag. Avenue South Residences Launch Date

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    How To Verify Bitcoin On Cash App?

    Why Do I Have To Verify The Identity On The Cash App?
    To Purchase, Sell, Send, Receive, And Withdraw Bitcoin On Cash App You Must-Have To Verify Your Identity.
    Cash App Bitcoin Verification Process Is Very Simple.
    You Can Scan Your Id With The Cash App Scanner, Cash App Identify Your Identity In 24 Hours. If Your Verification Are Failed You Must Be Contact Cash App Customer Service Department.
    How To Buy Bitcoin On Cash App?
    You must have a balance in your Cash app to buy bitcoins
    To buy bitcoin using your cash app:
    Tap on the Investment tab on your Cash app home screen
    Tap on Bitcoin
    Press Buy
    Select an amount or tap to enter a custom amount
    Enter your PIN and choose Confirm
    To buy bitcoins it is necessary to have a balance in your Cash app. You may also get to enter additional geographic information.

    How To Send Bitcoin On Cash App?
    Here are the steps using which you can easily send bitcoin to some external wallet:
    Launch the Cash app on your phone and select the profile’s icon, which is in the top left corner.
    After that scroll to the fund and then click on bitcoin.
    Before withdrawing money, make sure you confirm your identity.
    After confirming the identity, you can move out and press the confirm button.
    Click on the QR scanner from the external wallet or you can choose to use the address of the wallet, which is given below the device.
    Click on the confirmation button.
    Once you are done with all the steps, you will be done with the withdrawal of bitcoins using your Cash App account. Transferring or sending bitcoins from the cash app wallet can take some time at certain times, so it is advisable to wait for some time after the transaction.
    How To Withdraw Bitcoin On Cash App?
    To withdraw bitcoin from your cash app account:
    Tap on the Banking tab on your cash app home screen
    Select Bitcoin
    Press withdraw bitcoin
    Scan the QR code address or use the wallet address to enter manually
    Confirm your PIN or Touch ID

    To make a withdrawal you must have a balance of at least 0.0001 bitcoins. You can withdraw $ 2,000 worth of bitcoins every 24 hours, and up to $ 5,000 in any 7-day period. Transfer to an external wallet typically takes between 30-40 minutes but may take longer.

  109. You can connect both PayPal and Cash App in these ways. However, there’s No way to send money directly from PayPal to Cash App. Alternatively, you’ll send or transfer money to your respective debit cards – PayPal Cash Card and Cash App Card or transfer money from your PayPal account to your checking account and instead to the Cash app.
    There is no one-click to try to do this. However, there are two ways to send money to PayPal and the Cash app – a linked checking account or their respective open-end credit. Some additional steps are going to be required to finish the work both ways. More in-depth on how you’ll connect your PayPal and Cash App accounts:
    There are Two Methods to send money between PayPal to Cash App.
    Method 1: The way to connect PayPal and Cash app through a linked checking account.
    1. Connect your PayPal to your checking account.
    2. Connect your Cash App account to your checking account.
    3. Transfer money from paypal account to the linked checking account.
    4. Transfer funds from checking account to cash app account.
    This method is best for those that transfer themselves and their personal accounts. While transfer fees are usually free, you’ll need to wait 1-3 business days between transfers or pay a further accelerated transfer fee.
    Method 2: The way to connect PayPal and Cash App through PayPal Cash Card and Cash App Card.
    1. Activate your Square Cash Card And PayPal Cash Card.
    2. Get your Square Cash Card And PayPal Cash Card Bank and Routing Number.
    3. Add your PayPal or Cash App as a bank.
    4. Transfer your money from your account to your target account.
    5. Check whether the transfer was successful.
    This method is best to use when transferring money to an account that’s not your own. this is often the sole way for those that don’t feel safe to link their bank accounts for seasonal transactions.
    The PayPal Cash Card And Cash App Card, are going to be the fastest way to transfer money from Cash App To PayPal.


  110. The post includes the PayPal customer service phone number, among other ways, which you can use to contact customer support. PayPal takes its customer complaints very seriously. So when you call them, expect them to solve your problem.
    PayPal Holdings, Inc. Is headquartered in San Jose, CA. It is an online payment system that allows users to enjoy transferring money. It serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper money. Users no longer need to keep cash or cards in their wallets for the application.

    PayPal customer service over the phone or via online chat.

    You can contact PayPal over the phone, or use their online
    paypal help center and message assistant.
    To reach PayPal via phone, call 1–888–221–1161 using the phone number associated with your PayPal account. The online help center is filled with articles on almost every PayPal topic, and also allows you to chat online with a representative. Two other options include the
    PayPal Community Forum and the PayPal Resolution Center, but these do not work nearly as quickly.

    Some FAQ Of PayPal Customer Service:
    Why Contact PayPal Customer Service?
    PayPal customer service over the phone or via online chat
    How do I get in touch with PayPal customer service?
    PayPal Phone Number :
    How To Contact PayPal Online?
    PayPal Help Center :
    PayPal Customer Service Phone Number :
    PayPal Customer Service Chat :
    PayPal Customer Service Email :

    There may be several reasons to contact PayPal customer support.

    User can not access their password and account
    User issues like payments hold, rejects and more
    • Customers want to set their profile on PayPal. So they can face bank account information, credit card information, or other problems
    • Users may face some account limitations, such as chargebacks or payment disputes.
    • For business issues like orders, PayPal Solutions

  111. can send and receive money online for products and services. If some of these services or products do not meet your expectations, or they are unsatisfactory in any way, you may have to ask for your refund.

    Customers and sellers sometimes cannot reach a conPayPal is an online service that provides a convenient way to transfer money. You tract (for a paid product or service with PayPal) on their own, so PayPal intervenes to resolve the problem. This is usually the reason why people request refunds on PayPal. Learn more about how you can help get a PayPal refund.
    How To Refund On PayPal

     Here's how to refund a payment:

    Click the Activity tab at the top of the page.
    Click All Transactions.
    Select the payment you want to refund.
    Click Issue a refund.
    Under "Total Refund Amount," enter the amount you want to refund. You may have the option to refund a partial amount of the payment.
    Click Issue Refund. You'll be directed to a page confirming that your refund has been sent.

    You can send an email to the seller requesting a full payment refund. Ask the seller to go to the transaction details page for your transaction and click on the issue a refund.

    You can request a refund up to 180 days after payment for your item. If you sent the payment, but it is still pending, you can cancel it on your activity, until you see the “Cancel” button next to it. If the payment is not claimed within 30 days, it will be automatically returned to you.
    Some FAQ Of PayPal Refund:
    How To Request A Refund On PayPal?
    Where can I get a refund status in my PayPal account?
    PayPal Dispute :
    how to open a dispute on PayPal with a seller when a purchase goes wrong?