A Rare Video Of A Cobra Vomiting A Cobra Stone

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This is one of the rarest gem (pearl) in the world. This is a real video of cobra pearl (Naagmani). 

The Naag Mani is considered as one of the nine sacred pearls (Motee) and most of the books on gems give the procedure how it is formed, ie when rain drops in Swaati Nakshtra into mouth of the king cobra, the Mani develops. Books also mention that it only happens in the cobra that passes one hundred years of life on earth. 

Once the peal is formed the snake achieves magical powers and can transform into any form it desires, the size and luster of Mani increases with age of snake. It is moon like pearl with blue tint and it emits light in darkness to play with it and to search for its prey in its light. Owning such Mani is considered good luck, makes person wealthy and fulfill all desires. It also mentioned that when gem is separated from the Cobra, the cobra dies.

Scientific Facts:
The life of cobra or king cobra recorded in captivity is around 20-30 years and they live less in wilderness because of very high death rates due to infant mortality, diseases, predators, bad weather, accidents, or competition for food.

The cobras are perhaps the only serpents which eat insects. They feed on ants, grasshoppers, variety of beetles, etc, but seem to have preference for fire-lies, because they can be caught at night much more easily than any other insect. Darting here and there to catch these fire-flies is tiring for a cobra. Now every entomologist knows that the flying lightning bugs consist entirely of males. 

The females, which are not very numerous, are much larger and cannot fly, as they have only rudimentary wings. They sit quietly in grass, emitting a greenish light which is much stronger than that of the males, and fades and becomes brilliant at regular intervals, this light attracts male lightning bugs and they almost land in close proximity.

The pebble of Chlorophane also emits in the dark a dark green light, which is so much like that of female lightning bug that is an easy matter to deceive the male fire-fly with it, by setting it up as a decoy. The cobras have gradually come to take advantage of an experience made by them accidentally.

1. Cobra Pearl is a mineral called Chlorophane, it is not formed inside the body of snake.
2. King Cobra does not eat insects, it eats only other snakes, small mammals and lizards, so King Cobra would not need this Chlorophane pebble to hunt insects. So a King Cobra would not carry such pebble.
3. Since Chlorophane is the mineral, question of petrified cobra pearl does not arise.
4. Typically old snakes use Chlorophane pebble to attract fire-flies or other insect and on loss of such pebble they may not die of grief but because of hunger, due to their inability to hunt.

The real Naag Mani gives light like a 100 watts bulb at night when kept in the grass or mud but in open environment that too any number of times and at different places. While the fake Nag Mani gives light only once and then if you change the place there will be no light of it. It is all chemical or electronic remote reactions which takes place.

The fake Naag Mani may be identified by such instance - The sellers will take you to 15 feet away and tell you to be silent. They show you the magic. Initially the light comes like a cigarette bud burning and then slowly slowly the light increases and goes to max. They operate with remote in such a way that they themselves make sound and reduces the intensity of the light so befool you. Because if there is a sound then the Mani does not emit light. 

Now here they finish the show and come with you to that spot and intentionally draw your attention to the fake one which you have placed and they place their feet on the other arrangement which has actually shown the light. Now if you tell them to do the same at some other place they will never do that, because they need to have a complete arrangement to show this light coming out to fool any person. In this way they befool the innocent devotees.

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