This Japanese ‘Cube’ Test Will Reveal Incredible Things About Your Personality

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We know that there a number of different “personality” quizzes floating around the web, so you’re probably wondering what makes this one different.  Well, Japanese psychologists designed this test to reveal traits of your personality that might have been hidden in your subconscious.  

A friend of mine actually read about this test and gave it to me while we were driving around town one day, knowing that I’d be shocked at how accurate the test was when it came to revealing parts of my personality that I thought others never picked up on.

The series of questions and visualizations, dubbed “the cube test,” were taken stright fromKokology, a bestselling Japanese book.  This famous book is notorious for its psychological games that help people discover hidden personality traits surrounding sex, family, love, work and life.

So, take the test for yourself. You’ll probably discover something about yourself that is incredibly accurate, but that you’ve never really thought about.

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