CHINA’s 9/11 Now Confirmed: TIANJIN Was Nuked. It Was Not A Chemical Fire!

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About a year ago, a devastating explosion rocked the relatively small port city of Tianjin in China. Initial reports and civilian footage showed that there was an enormous blast followed by a huge fireball which devastated a 20,000 square meter portion of the city. 


The area is still incredibly dangerous, and there have been a series of continual explosions since. The area around the impact site has been transformed from a bustling commercial hub into an apocalyptic landscape of burned out cars, melted and twisted shipping containers and charred pavements. Preliminary reports suggest that at least eighty-five people have succumbed to injuries sustained as a result of the blast. 

The official story is that the catastrophic explosion was caused by an accidental detonation at a chemical facility. However, journalists at Veterans Today believe that there might be something more sinister afoot. 

These journalists suspect that the people of Tianjin might have been the victim of a tactical nuclear weapon. They have said that the crater left behind by the extraordinary explosion suggests that it could not have been caused by a standard chemical accident. Instead, they have alleged that this could have been a live test to see how real life city infrastructure, and more disturbingly, real people react under the stress of a small nuclear detonation. 

The use of nuclear weapons is strictly controlled by international law, and according to all major world leaders, these terrifying weapons have not been used since the United States dropped two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki towards the end of the Second World War. However, suspicion is growing that these devastating bombs are being used in conflicts across the world. 

The most credible report of the use of tactical nuclear weapons comes from Yemen which has experienced extreme civil unrest and a sustained bombing campaign from the United States military in recent years. Phone footage of a bombardment of a location in this country has emerged which some claim proves that nuclear weapons have been used in this conflict. 

In this footage, one can observe ‘scintillating pixels’ which appear as white spots on the screen. These white spots are caused by an overload of radiation to the CCD imaging sensor which causes disruptions of the pixels. In this way, a typical cell phone can be used as a crude radiation detector. 

If these reports are indeed true, they raise serious questions about the use of nuclear weapons on the world stage. If China has been attacked, it must ask who would want to do such a thing to a civilian population? And who would risk angering the Chinese government who command an enormous and highly trained army as well as a large number of nuclear weapons of their own? 

Due to length and overall strcuture, you can read the remainder of this groundbreaking report at Veterans Today's personal website here:

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