This Ancient Tribe Will Kill You If You Try To Set Foot On Their Isolated Island

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Properly defined, a tribe is a group of self-sufficient people who share the same beliefs, culture, and language and do not integrate into the mainstream society whose borders they live in. 

Some of these groups of people are referred to as ‘lost tribes’ because they have practically no contact with the outside world. It is estimated that there are approximately one hundred of these communities still in the world today. Of all of these, the most mysterious are known as the Sentinelese tribe. 

The Sentinelese tribe is the name given to the community which lives in one of the islands off the Bay of Bengal in India. It is not known what the group calls themselves, what language they speak and no details of their cultural heritage are known. It is believed that they are direct descendants of the first human populations to emerge from Africa and it is assumed that they have lived on the island for around 60,000 years. It is estimated that there are between forty and six hundred people living on the island, although the exact number is difficult to discern precisely. 

There is a good reason why the Sentinelese people are such a mystery to the outside of world – they are incredibly dangerous and are notorious for trying to kill anyone who comes close to their island. When they see strangers approaching, the tribe are known to gather on the beaches holding javelins. In 2004, they also shot arrows at a helicopter on a relief mission to survivors of the devastating tsunami. 

Officially, the Sentinelese people are under the jurisdiction of the Indian government, but they have made it clear that they have no control over them whatsoever. Instead, the government have elected to leave them alone and have put in place a three-mile exclusion zone around the island to ensure that outsiders don’t put themselves in danger. The consequences of violating this exclusion zone are severe. In 2006, two fishermen sailed too close to the island while crab fishing and were killed by the islanders. 

This was not the first time that the Sentinelese people have been implicated in a murder. A shipwreck in the 1990s washed up some salvage operators on the beach. A brutal fight ensued resulting in the deaths of some of the shipwreck survivors and many Sentinelese people. It is reasonable to assume that this awful event did very little to endear the outside world to the people on the island. 

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