UFO Hunter Max Spiers’ Fiancée Reveals What He Was Threatning To Expose Before His Death

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Max Spiers, a healthy thirty-nine-year-old researcher of UFOs and paranormal activity, was visiting the city of Warsaw in Poland last week to give a public talk about details of what some of his investigations had turned up. He was staying with a female acquaintance who he hadn’t known for very long when he was discovered dead. According to the Polish authorities who took temporary custody of the body, he died from ‘natural causes.' 

However, his mother, fiancée, and friends have strongly disputed the ruling by the Polish authorities and are adamant that Spiers was murdered. His friends have pointed out that the day before his dead Spiers was taken ill and was reported to be vomiting some black liquid. This strongly suggests that he could have been poisoned, and his fiancée, Sarah Adams is certain that she knows the reason why. 

Adams have said that her late fiancé was on the precipice of revealing something huge about a black magic group he had uncovered in his investigations into a paranormal phenomenon. This group is alleged to count many illustrious and powerful figures in its number including prominent politicians and celebrities from the world of entertainment. It has been alleged that this occult group is an international organization. 

According to Adams, Spiers had been receiving death threats about his investigation into the group. She said that in his line of work, he often received death threats from those who were threatened by his sleuthing but these seemed to be more serious than those he had received before. Adams said that before his death both she and Spiers were seriously concerned that someone might follow up on these intimidating messages. 

Spiers himself certainly appeared to be concerned about his safety in the hours leading up to his untimely death. The day before he was discovered dead he sent a text message to his mother, Vanessa Spiers, telling her that if anything happened to him that he wanted her to investigate. She too believes that her son was murdered. 

The body has now been repatriated to the United Kingdom where a separate autopsy team from Kent County Council have performed a second post-mortem. The result of this found that the cause of death was ‘inconclusive,' markedly different from what the Polish authorities recorded. Now Spiers’s family and friends are galvanized to find out what happened to their loved one and hopefully bring the perpetrators to justice. 

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