3 Ways Empaths, Intuitives & Highly Sensitive People Can Live A Healthy Vibrant Life

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When I decided to embrace my sensitivity and intuition as strengths, my life changed.

However, the years before I embraced my sensitivity were difficult. I was in emotional pain, constantly experiencing random physical symptoms/illnesses, and exhausted by normal every day life.
Yup, I struggled.

I struggled to focus at school and university. I thought I had ADHD because it was so difficult to focus.

I struggled to feel centred and grounded in social events. I could see into people. Someone would be talking about a university assignment, and I might see images of their abusive childhood, or I could feel the heart break of their recent break-up.

I struggled to find someone who understood what I was experiencing until my Mum introduced me to a book called “Anatomy of The Spirit” by Caroline Myss, where I learned about my intuitive nature.

But my symptoms continued. I had digestive problems, chronic headaches at work, and sore throats when I’d met up with people.
I hide the depth of this from my workplace and many people, except for my cousin, a few dear friends and my mum.

We live in a world that stigmatises, degrades and fears emotional feminine intensity and intuitive power. Naturally, I repressed my intuition, my sensitivity and my emotionality.

And, I got a full time job which exhausted me, found myself a ‘normal relationship’ and put my highly sensitive and intuitive self aside.

Ironically, I repressed the part of me the world most needed.

My avoidance of my self shifted in 2014. I developed a full body rash, severe bronchitis and was ordered to bed by my doctor, citing I was at risk of getting pneumonia.

At this time, I heard the message loud and clear:
Gen, you can’t continue to hide or deny this part of yourself. You will get sick. You will stay sick if you don’t embrace who you are.

So I picked up the phone and called Michela D’Addario, (my spiritual mentor/teacher). I had called her a year earlier after a series of intense sensory experiences. But, I wasn’t ready to work with her then. I was scared.

A year later, 2014, I was ready.

“I’m ready to do the work, but I’m still scared.” I said to her, coughing in bed with rash cream all over my body.

“It’s time.” She said.

We worked intensively for 3 months.
In that time I:
  • -Healed & released negative patterns, which were stopping me from stepping into my truth and purpose.
  • -Learned to ground, meditate and embrace my intuitive nature.
  • -Learned skills required to live as a healthy empath (imagine a life free of feeling everyone else’s stuff?)

After working with Michela, I moved from Australia to America to start the next chapter of my life: working as an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual teacher/mentor to other every-day healers (teachers, mums, nurses), empaths, intuitives and wellness practitioners.

This decision felt right in my body, but completely irrational in my mind. I had a lot of fear and doubt. Why move to America? Australia has public health care, better pay and work-benefits!

But, I went to America. And started teaching highly sensitive empaths to use their super-powers in every day life, business and relationships.

I know some of you are empathising right now.

I want to say to you:
You can live a beautiful life. I know you can. Your suffering can shift. The emotional rollercoasters can calm. The ungrounded feeling can dissolve and you can feel like you are Here on Earth. The feeling of isolation can disappear. Feeling debilitated by random physical and emotional symptoms can end. You CAN live a beautiful life. You CAN come out of hiding and live your purpose powerfully.

I want to take some time right now to share 3 ways you can do this. I’ll keep it short and sweet:

1. Meditate
Many of my clients say ‘I can’t meditate!’ or ‘Meditation is too hard!’

I hated mediation when I first started. My body hurt. My heart would race. My legs would go numb. I could not focus. All I experienced was stress.

I stopped meditating.

Instead, I decided to find where meditation happened naturally.

Where did meditation happen naturally for me?

On the toilet.

Yup! You heard right, on the toilet. And during those times, I received a lot of guidance, insight and peace. Of course, I’ve developed my practise since then, but I started on the toilet.

TIP for YOU: Find where meditation comes naturally for you. Is it when you are walking? Or Running? Is it when you do housework, or when you go to bed? What about when you are cuddling your pet or tucking your children in? Start there and you’ll find you can meditate.

2. Heal
Healing myself transformed my life.
My life changed as I expressed my unexpressed grief, confronted pain I had been avoiding, changed my health habits, learned etheric & chakra clearing, and released patterns I’d inherited from my ancestors.

I became healthier. Friendships/relationships that did not resonate for me, or the other person, dissolved. New relationships appeared. My intuition got stronger and sharper.

The right people, places and situations came into my life to support my growth.

And this continues to happen.

TIP for YOU: Healing can induce fear and resistance at first. That’s ok. It’s normal. A gentle way to start is journalling, walking in nature, or reaching out to a trusted and grounded healer who will be a strong companion.

3. Reclaim Your Power
I was so empathic, sensitive and unconsciously intuitive. I absorbed the emotions of my family, my friends, my bosses and anyone I was emotionally close to.

I did not need to be in the same room as a person to feel what they were feeling.

I hid all of this from everyone because I thought I was abnormal.

Adapting myself to fit “social norms” damaged me and drained my energy. I gave my power to the external expectations of what I ‘should’ do, rather than listening deeply to what I needed.

Reclaiming my power meant being honest (in a loving way), setting my boundaries, taking responsibility for my physical and emotional experiences, and creating the life I needed to live.

It also meant having the self-worth to do all of this.

This was the hardest step to take. My love for people caused me to over-ride my self-love and self-care. I didn’t want to hurt others by saying no, but the self-compromise was making me sick.

As an empath and intuitive, reclaiming your power is essential to living a healthy life.

TIP for YOU: Start saying “No” to things that don’t feel right. Once a week, twice a week, whatever works for you! Just start today. Hate using the word “No”? Say “No” without saying “No”. Don’t want to have that coffee catch up, because you are feeling tired or it just doesn’t feel right? Just say: “Jessica, I would love to have coffee, but today I am self-nourishing: meditating, reading and resting.”

One of the biggest reasons empaths, intuitives and everyday healers stay sick is because they do not feel worthy to do what is required to self-love and self-care. Once you shift this, even in the smallest amount, your life will slowly transform.

Have faith that your sensitivity is your strength. Don’t ever let the world make you believe that your sensitivity is a “problem”, or “irrational” or “inconvenient”. This has happened to far too many intuitive women and sensitive men. It is damaging.

Others may not understand you, or see you, but I do.

You do not need to suffer.

You are here for an important reason.

As you heal, you will transform yourself and the world around you.
Now you know how to start living a healthier life as an empath and an intuitive: Meditate, Heal and Reclaim Your Power. If you want to learn how more, please connect with me here.

And remember, You Are More Powerful Than You Know,

Much Love,

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