How To Protect Yourself As An Empath

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You are an Empath.

As an empath, you tend to absorb the energy of others.

Then you feel exactly what they feel with all the negative emotions soaked up in your vibration.

You sit next to a person who feels down and then suddenly you feel down too!

You are in close proximity to someone who is hiding his anger, but you sense his anger and you are overwhelm by the heaviness of anger within you.

And it sucks the life out of you when have to feel the pain of others and the anxiety makes you want to avoid them.

Because of your high sensitivity, you can’t just simply turn it off.

It’s getting in the way of what we want to do.

What we can do is to protect ourselves from upcoming unwanted energy.

There are 7 ways to protect yourself as an Empath.

1. Shielding for Empath
What is Shielding?
Shielding is a way to block out unwanted vibrations from others or from the environment.

You use the power of your subconscious mind to form a mental shield that blocks incoming negative energy.

You imagine that shield deflecting the negative particles.

Shielding requires the faith of the empath to negate the negative energies.

Have you ever talked to someone and felt like there was an invisible wall that makes you not want to talk more?

Most likely that person has unconsciously shield themselves from unwanted interactions.

As an empath, you can put the shield at will so that your emotions do not fluctuate.

Shielding Technique
Close your eyes and breathe deeply until you are relaxed.

Simply imagine a shield, bubble, or protective garment to protect you.

Make sure you began with a sense of balanced energy.

Notice your balance energy at the end of the day.

2. Sage Burning
What is Sage Burning?
Do you know why people use sages before performing energy work?

Of course, they would say that it clears the area of negative vibrations or negative energies.

But you don’t really need to use a sage particularly. You can use any fire element material.

What you are doing when using a sage is that you are burning the air so that the air, which carries the negative vibrations, is eaten by flame.

Then the fresh air comes in by natural filing of space.

Thus, welcoming the return of natural and neutral vibrations.

When you are in an environment filled with negativity, burn a sage or raise a smoke.

This gets rid of the energy that is surrounding you and all the negative vibrations you pick up that lingers in the same air.

3. Energy Cleansing
You can remove any energy residue by cleansing your aura.

When you pick up the energy in the field, it sticks to your aura.

Performing energy cleansing is as easy as imagining yourself being clean.

You need your intent, your imagination to speak with your subconscious, and an altered state of consciousness.

How to do energy cleansing Technique
To cleanse your energy, use your imagination to make your subconscious remove the energy around you.

First, breathe. Breathe deeply. You can also close your eyes.

Imagine light cleansing your entire body or water purifying your energy field.

4. Detachment
Detachment is to move away emotionally from the situation.

It is also called “Clinical” mindset.

Allow yourself to not become the emotions and understand that emotions are not you.

Let yourself not be tied to emotions.

Become the observer and observe the situation.

Observe your emotions.

Although you will still continue to feel, it won’t affect you as much.

5. Meditation
Although you may actually enhance the sensitivity through meditation, you can learn how to be more resilient in handling it through meditation.

By understanding how to control your mind, you control your energy.

When you control your energy, it is easier to not get thrown off balance from the negative influences.

You can also practice compassion.

By turning negative energy into compassion, you remove the negative feeling and transform it into love.

This, however, can only be done through practicing meditation.

6. Redirecting the Energy
Energy comes in, energy comes out.

When there is no outlet to the negative energy coming in, we tend to absorb it and keep it within ourselves.

This method is to allow yourself to feel the person’s negative energy.

Then to hold it in to the capacity you are able to hold.

And then release the energy.

You will need to have awareness that you are holding unwanted energy and that you wish for it to be released.

Bundle up all the energy into a ball and then imagine that ball moving away from you into the air.

7. Get a Distance
I would choose this as a last resort.

If you can’t do anything else, the last thing is to distance yourself from the person you feel is making you emotionally unstable.

Excuse yourself and come back another time.

More Tips for the Empath
Empathy is a gift.

But sometimes that gift can be a curse.

An empath absorb other energies because of their highly uncontrolled sensitivity.

This causes imbalance.

The way to protect yourself is to learn how not to allow unwelcome energy and to clear away energetic residue.

But to become unaffected is to constantly control your energy by becoming stronger.

Of course, you may still feel for others.

But you can become more stronger and have better control with empathy.

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