Empath Energy Update ~ 2017, The Year Of The Empath

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Narcissists are 'attempting' a 'final' attack on Empaths. This is going 'back' to the core of a deep Ancient Wound on the Psyche (there is more to this as this is going back to childhood as well, more may be shared later in another part).

-Before I go any further let me say that I for one do not believe in 'labels' - I utilise these terms and others as it allows us to 'identify' -'Empath' and 'Narcissist' for the purpose of identifying a collection of feelings or behaviours and so on...this allows us a 'reference' point of a collective of similarities...which then becomes with a label, or name to identify these. I am not going to go into this any further here as I want to share the rest of this article of the 'attacks' that are occurring on many beautiful and loving souls and where this stems from, for a deeper and bigger picture. Please refer to Pts 1 & 2 which are a lead up to this post -

Please know that narcissists do feel very deeply...so very deeply that it has overwhelmed them AND due to this and not fully owning their deeper 'darker' or shadow sides, out comes the narcissist (label)...as their way of 'coping'.

Underneath or 'secretly' these souls are jealous of the Empath who feels openly and is ''unable' to hide this...well yes many of us had to 'hide' this to cope, yet we really 'suffered' in silence within.

As we were feeling very very deeply and could not 'help' but to feel as we do....this is us and this is who we are.

This is our actual STRENGTH.

We just didn't know this and have had to grow into this, to own this or empower ourselves.

That is why I call this the Year of The Empath (as well as the Year of Breathing Deeply to release anxiety, see previous BB post).

So this brings me back to the narcissist 'personality' for the sake of a word or label ;-).

The last two posts I shared on the 9th and 11th of January received an enormous amount of responses from many beautiful souls who also feel so deeply and have felt very alone and have suffered much.

Due to being so loving and not understanding they are not on their own and our gentleness or our softness, our empathy is our actual STRENGTH.

Yet we are needing to grow into this...and this takes time.

We have chosen through soul contracts with those close (or not) to us, to learn to build and regain our courage and confidence to ultimately TAKE OUR POWER BACK.

By being TRUE TO OURSELVES once and for ALL.

Let us shine the LIGHT on those so called 'narcissistic personalities'.

As in, we may need to realise with those close to us who are 'like this' we have somewhere along the line have had love for them.

And this quite often is the internal struggle.

Realise the bigger picture of that we gave so much of ourselves that we 'expected' this to be returned as we gave.

Yet this has not always been the case with those that are not coming from unconditional love as we have. With those that have not been able to face or embrace their feelings within as an Empath has or does.

As Empaths are very very brave and courageous souls...and this is what the Narcissist is jealous (and insecure) of.

Of what they are needing to bring into the light for themselves

On one hand we have our heart that has loved and then we have our head that is angry or whatever we are feeling at them, as to how we have been treated.

As often the 'struggle' is the head and the heart which can sort of go into a 'battle' with this.

I am saying to you, to stand back and allow your Soul guide your head and your heart.

Each situation is so very personal and some with many contributing factors in each individuals circumstance.

I can only encourage you to stand in your souls truth of who you are.

Remembering not to be hard on yourself and not to take on their negativity. Not to sink back into the old emotions. Not to play the 'games' that they play and oh so very well that they can fool many others.

As eventually the light does WIN and SHINE each and every time.

When we are true to ourselves and stand up for ourselves (and in this I mean calmly yet firmly with boundaries).

By respecting ourselves and giving ourselves the love firstly.

And honouring ourselves.

As when we 'back' ourselves the Divine will back us up each and every time, that we are brave enough to do so.

Yet we are needing to be strong enough to push through the old and break out of the box that others put us in.

As we are stronger and freer, now more than we have ever been in Humanities History.

Shine on and rise Empaths and Spiritual Warriors.

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