To The Girl My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With, Thank You

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Thanks for taking one for the team. It takes a lot of will power to handle someone like him and after five years, you can imagine it got exhausting.

I despised you from day one. I kept hearing about you and when I finally thought you were out of our lives for good, you came back and kept coming back and coming back for months on end. Then suddenly you started working at the same place as he did. Coincidence? Nah. You took him away and you knew you did. You took him- the one I was madly and insanely in love with. The one I would have done anything for. The one I gave up so much of my time for. The one I had conversations with about what our children’s names would be and how excited we were to go furniture shopping once we would get our own place. The one I thought was really the one. You took my best friend.

Through it all, I have but one thing I want to say, thanks.
It sounds odd to say that after everything that has happened. Yet, I do not wish to curse you both or even take revenge for the nights I spent crying over him, over you. I only wish to express my gratitude towards you for without you, I would still be stuck in a relationship hanging on a fragile string of lies. Without his presence, I realize how beautiful life really is. Life is so much better when I no longer question my self-worth because the boy standing by me always did.

Thank you for taking him away from me.
He was no longer the person I knew. Words that came out of his mouth once made my heart skip a beat, but turned into spears aimed to break my heart. Although he had the same face, talked the same, smelled the same, he was not the person I fell so hard for- the sweet and innocent boy before he turned into the manipulative and emotionally abusive person whom I was a fool to have stayed with. I should have left once he started changing. Once he met you.

Thanks to you, I’ve done things I’ve always wanted to do (in the span of two weeks) that I had always been restricted from doing for five years.

Thanks to you, relationships with those who were already in my life have strengthened greatly and new ones formed with amazing people I would have never met if he was still here.

Thanks to you, I can blast country music without him complaining or turning my radio off.

Thanks to you, I went on another first date and experienced another first kiss.

Thanks to you, I have learned to embrace the pain and use it to develop myself into who I am today and who I will be.

Thanks to you, I can finally and honestly say that I’m happy.

The girl you helped gain her freedom back.

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